Two more days to December, my favorite month! I'm looking forward to it. Oh wait I guess many of us are looking forward to it right :3
Why is December my favorite month? Because i get to have all kind of gathering with all kind of people. But one problem, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU SUPPOSE TO HANG OUT WHEN YOU ARE BROKE AS HELL?! And yes, I'm having a very big problem with it. Screw this shit la can. 
I try my best to find a job but what i get back are: oh you're underage and so on. But please, I doesn't look like an underage girl in every way right ): 


HI EVERYONE! I wanted to update my blog last Saturday but something's wrong with my computer so I didn't manage to update my blog that day ): I'm gonna blog about my last day of schooool :3

Last Friday was the last day of school for this year. It was a day of mixed joy and sorrow. We were happy cause the holidays are coming soon. We were sad because we know we will miss each of us ):
I still remember the first day when I knew what class I'm in, I was kinda upset cause most of them are smarties and I don't really know them. But after few months, we started to play along with each other. Gossiping, bullying, scolding, fighting and so on. 2s, I'm so gonna miss all of you!
I'm looking forward to next year! I mean I'm excited to know who will be my classmates next year but not PMR ! 

I'm lack of words so I'm gonna post the pictures i took that day :)

My bestie in schoooool ! TAN JESS MINN & LEE SHAN MIN <3 div="div">

And this is my class assistant monitor aka act cute girl :D

Karmen and Natasha :)

The girls :)

two of the smartest girl in my class :3

The boys (:

2S 2012 ! :D


It's been ages since the last time i blogged. I still remember i used to blog twice a week or more when i was in primary school. I just have to admit that time fucking flies man. Blink an eye and i'm form3 next year. I'm still not ready, yet. I just wanna stay this way, when i don't have to worry about anything and enjoy my life. Pmr next year u serious bro? Because of pmr i even think of changing to a home school. It's possible maybe?  Teachers are actually stressing us about the pmr next year. C'mon there's still long way to go isn't it? Just let us enjoy our holidays? :3
I'm not sure how long can i stand this school. The environment the facilities the teachers the coco oh gosh! But of course, there's two reason i want to stay. First, my friends. Second, this is gonna be lame, because there are many shopping centers around my school so yeah!

Last Sunday was my boyfie's birthday! I hope he enjoy! I went to surprise him with his friends at 12am ahahaha. The stupid face he gave meeee :o

Gotta sleep now! Night x


Time passes real fast ! Its already 20120101 heh 
Yesterday i went dpc with my buddies , carmen and meiyee. And we really had fun last night ! 
We met the teoh family and meithung there :p and yeah, last night was really high and fun :D

I went back home around 1 . Carmen and meiyee overnight at my place and wtfm we slept at 7am ;/
Camwhoring non-stop hahahaha! 
and this is the very first time that three of us are so close to each other, feeling good :)
So here is some pictures to end this post 
enjoy !

end this post with these pictures, bye peeps :)